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What is the psychology of trading?

To be successful in financial markets, a stockbroker must possess a wide range of skills: The ability to understand the internal workings of a company, its fundamentals and the ability to determine in which direction trends are moving are just some of the Necessary keys, although none is as important as knowing how to keep emotions at bay and maintain discipline.

The psychological aspect of stock trading is extremely important for a truly simple reason: A broker performs many different operations in a short space of time and this forces him to make quick decisions. For this, it is a priority to have a certain presence of mind. At the same time, by extension, you need discipline so as not to deviate from the previously established plans and know when to post losses and gains. In no way can you allow emotions to get in your way.

To solve the crisis we must first overcome the fear

Fear, lack of confidence, is the element that makes it more difficult to get out of the crisis, economic and in fact can make us stay in crisis for longer than it should.

Much is said about the loss of billions of dollars in the financial system and on the part of hundreds of companies.

While that is true, money has not disappeared , it is somewhere, only it is not in the hands of those who lost it, naturally.

Money if there is. The North American financial system has in its pocket billions of dollars of aid received from the government, just to give an example. What happens is that those who have the money, because of the crisis, are afraid of taking it out, of investing it, of spending it.