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The first MBA totally free

The Arizona State University awards 100% scholarships to all students of the master’s degree in business

Hector Ramos says he did it just for the sake of trying, which seemed like a crazy idea. He typed in Google “free MBA in USA” and got a surprise: Arizona State University offers a free business master’s degree since this year. Ramos had decided to enroll in a Master in Business Administration  (MBA) and the WP Carey school, which depends on that house of studies, was one of his preferred options. But it was very expensive: 54,300 dollars for Americans and 92,900 for foreigners like him, who is Mexican. Everything changed in 2016, when the university implemented a scholarship system that covers 100% of the cost for all students of the two-year full-time program. The only condition is to be among the 120 selected candidates. Hector is one of them.

Mexico has the most dangerous university in the world: deaths, beatings, kidnappings and epidemics

The Veracruzana University of Mexico is the most dangerous place to study in the North American country. In this academic institution, based in the city of Xalapa (capital of the state of Veracruz), only 78% of students return to start the next academic year, because they are going through a very turbulent period, according to ‘ The Daily Mail ‘.

“We have had deaths, insect pests, deadly diseases and terrible violence (…) there are not many more atrocities to complete the whole,” said a spokesman for the university to the British newspaper. For its part, the staff of the center compares the current situation with “the plagues of Egypt.”