Routine of a professional Forex trader

Do you want to know what a professional Forex trader does to achieve success? First of all, you should bear in mind that professional operators are not only those hired by large investment companies, banks or hedge funds to speculate with currencies. These are people who receive a salary from a professional Forex trader .

However, those that generate income from financial trading, regardless of whether they earn a salary, can be referred to as private traders or traders. These people sometimes have the experience of having worked for another company (such as traders hired by banks) or simply dedicate themselves to studying the market on their own.

These are also professional Forex traders , although the word “professional” refers to the way they manage their activities, but not the nature of their employment relationship.

Although anyone can enter the forex market and generate some profits, not all can be classified as “professionals”. There are very few who manage to achieve success and obtain profits consistently over time. Keep reading to know the routine of a good professional Forex trader.

Daily routine of professional traders

Do you want to know what it takes to be a professional Forex trader ? The answer lies in the routines.

There are many who are afraid of the word “routine” and avoid it completely. However, there is nothing to fear. In trading, a routine refers to a set of habits and thoughts that significantly improve efficiency, and in a few cases refers to specific activities.

Routines can improve your life and save you a lot of time. If you always had to decide between brushing your teeth or preparing a coffee, you would lose time. Routines avoid this problem by drawing clear guidelines that you can always follow.

Now that it is clear that the routines are something positive, let’s go into detail about the activities that a good Forex trader should perform in the morning. First of all, it is very important that you rest enough, exercise and have breakfast correctly to be in an optimal physical condition.

Almost all professional Forex traders start working very early, as they respect the circadian rhythm of their bodies. Be up late and sleep more not only affects your trading, but your own health status. Therefore, try to always get up at the same time and early in the morning.

In the same way, the exercise is crucial for you to have a good performance. It may seem strange to you, but it has a logical justification. The brain is subjected to enormous stress during trading sessions and is an organ that requires adequate levels of oxygen to function. Exercise improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain, in addition to preventing problems related to the heart and blood sugar levels. Walk a little every day, ride a bike or go jogging for your blood to flow and your trading skills improve.

A healthy diet is also crucial in the life of a Forex trader . It is important that you consume lots of fruits and vegetables to improve your performance in the market.

Know your trading

There are several styles for professional Forex trading based on the different temporalities available in trading platforms. Among the most popular types of traders are: positional, swing, intraday and scalpers.

Positional trading

In this trading style, orders remain open for an extended period of time (usually several months or even years). If you want to do positional trading, you must analyze the temporality of 1 day; any minor temporality (for example, 4 hours, 15 minutes, etc.) will only give you irrelevant movements.

Swing trading

The operators swing leave their positions open for several days or weeks. The preferred temporalities in this approach are those of 4 hours and 1 day, although the 1-hour temporality is sometimes used to determine with more precision points of entry and exit from the market.

Intraday trading

The intraday operators are characterized by never leaving open positions from one day to the next. In this case, the major graphics are not important and the focus is on temporalities of a few minutes.


Finally, the scalpers are engaged in operations in the shortest time possible, with the maximum limit being 15 minutes.

Why is it important to know your temporality? This aspect is vital to define how fast your price charts are refreshed and therefore, the regularity with which you should review them.

A common problem with beginners is that they can not get away from the price charts, which causes mental fatigue. Some experienced traders advise not to pay too much attention to every Forex movement and on the other hand, ignore the market from time to time.

Similarly, to limit your exposure to risk you can only analyze a few instruments or markets.

If you want to trade at a professional level , you just have to follow these simple rules:

● Identify your trading style: positional, swing, intraday or scalping

● Find markets that catch your attention

● Understand your strategy

● Know the information you should look for

Analyze the markets and perform your operations

In general, Forex traders prefer one-hour, four-hour, one-day or more time periods to avoid spending too much time in the market, which allows them to achieve higher profits.

However, it is very common for those who are new to Forex to spend most of their time in front of a computer monitor. If you think about it, it is somewhat ironic, since one of the greatest advantages of the trader’s lifestyle is the possibility of having more free time. Even so, there are many who end up being slaves of a trading platform.

The importance of the trading journal

A successful Forex trader starts by reviewing your active trades and opening new orders. Depending on the evolution of the market, you may make adjustments in your stop loss and take profit levels.

Subsequently, this trader documents everything that happened throughout the day in a trading journal, which allows him to measure his general performance. Without a way to evaluate yourself, this person could not know with certainty if he has improved or worsened.

Despite the great importance of the trading newspaper, it is an element often neglected by those who decide to venture into Forex. Without a trading journal, you simply can not know if a new strategy or plan is giving you better or worse results than you did before.

Know when to stop

It is common that you want to chase currency prices when you think everything is going well. But, if you want to be a professional Forex trader , you must control your emotions and only take actions according to your trading plan. No matter how tempting the opportunities that are presented before your eyes, if according to your plan and your day ended, simply give it up.

os professional traders never chase the market; When the time of trading is over, the day is ended . This is the big difference between the group of successful investors and those who never manage to achieve constant profits.

Of course, at the end of your trading day, it does not mean that you can not continue carrying out your analyzes and investigations. However, you must refrain from opening new positions until a new day begins.

The life of the professional forex trader can take a large part of your time, although you should never forget your personal satisfaction. That means that you must always worry about your own well-being, above all things.


To be successful in the market, you must create an effective routine with productive actions. The following points will help you increase your profits and lead healthier habits:

● Know your trading style. It is very important that you choose a trading style and follow its rules. Do not forget that you can be a positional, swing, intraday or scalper operator.

● Record everything that happens with your trading. Do not think that it is enough to have a good memory; It is important that you keep a record of your operations on your computer. Remember that what really matters to evaluate your performance are your overall results.

● Learn to withdraw from the markets. Operates only when your strategy tells you to. If the conditions of your strategy are not met, simply refrain from operating.

● Do not let the trading take control of your life. Do not forget that you work to live and not the other way around. Dedicate time to your health and well-being.

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