Trading consists of the purchase and sale of assets in a financial market with the intention of obtaining a speculative benefit; It can be done with stocks, commodities, futures, currencies or derivatives. Currently there is a great ease of access to trading due to the enormous development of new Internet-based technologies in recent years.

To trade, we just have to have a computer, an Internet connection and open an account with a broker that gives you access to the market and the platform. However, trading and making money regularly and consistently is not a simple activity: it involves a lot of discipline, effort and dedication.

There are different types of trading:

Scalping or Quick trading: It is the trading that takes place in the short term. This technique consists of performing operations that have a duration of seconds or minutes; in this short period of time the transaction must be finalized.

Daytrading or intraday trading: this trading strategy consists of carrying out purchase and sale operations of shares within the same day in the financial markets. It is an investment method increasingly used and used by day traders due to the few basic knowledge of analysis and trends that are required.

Swing trading: it is an investment technique based on detecting trends and following the market to operate with high probability of success; The operations can last several days or even weeks.

Position trading or long-term trading : it is the trading of long-term positions in which operations can remain open for several months or even years, requires a lot of patience.

Therefore, the trading technique that you choose to use must be selected according to the knowledge and experience you have in financial matters, as well as the level of risk you are willing to assume.